Certainly, the quarrystone facade has aged, but on the inside the house has remained young.
At the “Goldene Traube” (the English translation of which is “Golden Grape”) tradition and progress are united harmoniously. 

Since 1878 the Goldene Traube has been a family property. In the old days, the Goldene Traube, initially established by Richard Allmacher II. as a coaching-inn and later serving as a watering hole for the locals, had always been well-known and highly popular. In 1878 Allmacher was granted permission to incorporate a hotel.

“Langer Wamsch” (literally: “long waistcoat”) was the nickname given to Richard Allmacher, founder of the Goldene Traube, on account of the long woollen waistcoat he was said to wear every day. Even today, the Goldene Traube is still known amongst the locals as the “Wamsch”, implying therewith the notion of quality and cosiness or, as the Germans call it, “Gemütlichkeit”. 

You too will feel at home in the “Wamsch

In 1910, Richard III and his wife Berta took over the establishment, extended it, and even built another storey on top. The legendary reputation of “Mutter Berta” (Mother Berta) as a very warmhearted innkeeper and sublime cook extended far beyond local boundaries. Up to this day, with the fourth generation in place, one still goes to the “Wamsch”. The achievements of our ancestors, the good name and reputation they established are, and will remain, the focus of our efforts and commitment to satisfy you, our guest. 

Chronicle – faces of a house:

approx 1870

approx 1905

approx 1930

approx 1960

First generation       

 Second generation

 Third and fourth generations

future generation    

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